We are a group of go-getters who want to make a change in the world around us. We are farmers, techies, writers, lawyers, yogis, and people who believe in the power of food to unite and to lay foundations for healthy communities.  Together, through hard work and dedication, we have transformed an unused parcel of land into an urban farm producing thousands of pounds of produce each year. And we are just getting started...

our team

Brad "The Vision" Pregerson
co-founder, President 

Andrew "Means Business" Hunt
co-founder, Treasurer 

JJ "The Brains" Figlin
Board member, Secretary  

Mary "The Pen" MacVean
Board member, Executive Director 

Mark "The Man" Anderson
Board member

Jayne "Garden Goddess" Torres
Program Cultivator

Katie "Can Do" Lewis
Farm Manager

Carolyn "The Idea" King
Marketing and Creative  

Eric "The Chef" Tomassini
Diretor of Culinary Programs 

Charlie "The OG" Southward

Bill "The Life-Saver" Millward
Irrigation Consultant                                                                                                                                 

Victor "The Man" Peraza