About this Event


Join us for this homegrown and homemade holiday workshop! We’ll be exploring two plant medicine making processes, creating herbal elixirs and practicing the natural dyeing technique of hapizome. Everyone will take home a jar of their own oxymel (think elderberry fire cider) and a hand-dyed textile, to share as gifts or keep and use as inspiration for homemade holiday gifts :) 

Oxymels are a traditional plant medicine formulation and can be taken to nourish and fortify the immune system in the cooler months. The honey and vinegar base acts as a vessel to carry medicinal herbs. We’ll be mixing in elderberries, the classic fire cider ingredients like ginger and citrus, and many native and medicinal plants growing at Grow Good. 

Hapizome is a natural dyeing technique involving pounding plant matter into fabric to transfer the color and shape of the plant. We’ll be dyeing cotton bags (the perfect gift bags) with flowers and plants from the farm!

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