For LA Chefs: Hyperlocal & Farm Fresh


For chefs that are passionate about using the finest ingredients, GrowGood's farm just eight-miles from Downtown Los Angeles can grow microgreens, herbs, and greens specifically for your restaurant. We are obsessed with sourcing rare seeds, and we will grow produce impossible to get elsewhere. Chefs are impressed by the quality and variety of our produce. We practice regenerative agriculture - a holistic land management practice that leverages the power of photosynthesis in plants to close the carbon cycle, and build soil health, crop resilience and nutrient density.  We enrich our soil with compost and worm tea made on-site from organic food waste products.

Contact Mary (, GrowGood Executive Director, to learn about our competitive pricing for monthly rentals of our 4' x 40' beds as well as pricing for trays of greens/herbs we grow in our greenhouse. 

    we hire shelter residents. 

                                      Photo cred: Amy Gordon

                                     Photo cred: Amy Gordon

GrowGood's commercial growing operation fits within the Shelter's existing job training program. Preparing Shelter residents to be self-sufficient financially is critical to their long-term success. GrowGood's commercial growing operation provides Shelter residents the opportunity to earn money while at the Shelter as well as gain foundational job skills that can be applied to a variety of career pathways.  Currently, GrowGood provides 5 paid job positions for Shelter residents, who are involved in caring for the farm and in every stage of the business. All the money earned from the business is reinvested back into GrowGood.


"Working for GrowGood was everything I could have hoped for and more." Afonso F. 
Working with Jayne, GrowGood’s farm manager, has been the best thing for me while I’m getting back on my feet.” Geno



an award winning concept

In January of 2014, GrowGood was one of ten non-profits selected to participate in a two-quarter UCLA undergraduate class focusing on developing social enterprise businesses.

In competition with other non-profits, GrowGood presented its business plan to grow and sell micro greens to a panel of business leaders at the Social Enterprise Academy at UCLA. GrowGood was awarded 1st place and received a $12,000 grant. 

                                       Andrew Hunt, friend of GrowGood - Robert Egger, and Brad Pregerson


                           Andrew Hunt, friend of GrowGood - Robert Egger, and Brad Pregerson

See our award winning presentation at 31:55.