From Farmer Corinne: 

A warming system is moving across the western United States bringing an end to Spring.  The cool, overcast mornings and warm, breezy afternoons characterize a fifth season in Los Angeles - “June Gloom."  On the farm, we spend the foggy mornings harvesting the last of our turnips, carrots, beets, and kale.  In the afternoon, we plant our summer crops.  Now, as temperatures rise, the watermelon, tomatoes, and eggplant will get the warmth and solar energy they need to thrive. 

Now that almost all of our crops are in, our job now turns to maintenance to ensure our crops grow. The greenhouse is full of microgreen test trays and medicinal herb starts.  In July, we will harvest leeks, broccoli, and Asian greens. Our interns have been an amazing help keeping us on our planting schedule and helping with trellis training, pest management, and compost applications to get these long-season crops off to a great start. 

I almost forgot, in the month of May, we provided 541 lbs of produce to the Shelter's kitchen! 

I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.