From Farmer Corinne - 

We are so excited to start Moringa (Moringa oliefera) at GrowGood this year. Known for its incredible nutritional value, Moringa boasts over 92 nutrients and 46 natural antioxidants in its leaves alone.  A serving has four times the calcium of milk, twice the protein of yogurt, and three times the potassium of a banana--and that's just naming a few.  The seeds and pods are also edible! Additionally, Moringa is a huge benefit to our regenerative efforts at Bell Shelter.  These trees produce nitrogen in the soil, grow incredibly fast, and provide much-needed shade during the blistering summer heat.  Did I mention they are drought-tolerant? 

Moringa is from the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, but have been widely adapted to grow across the world.  The leaves are traditionally used as a tea, but are also delicious added to smoothies other beverages.  I first encountered Moringa in Haiti in 2012, where it was added to savory meals as a nutritional supplement for children.  In Haiti, it was lovingly referred to as "Miracle Tree".  

Deep gratitude and thanks to Rod at Moringa Farms for the generous donation of seed.  We are thrilled to be able to cultivate these trees and share their miracle with the clients of the Bell Shelter.  

                                A baby Moringa tree that one day will be planted at the farm :) 


                             A baby Moringa tree that one day will be planted at the farm :)