GrowGood's "Food For Life" garden class workshop for Shelter residents began its fall session on September 4, 2015.  Farm Manager Jayne Torres is leading the workshops. The workshop classes consist of classroom instruction, hands on training, and ongoing maintenance of the farm.  The lesson plan roughly follows a six-week schedule, with two sessions per week.  A certificate of subject mastery is issued to residents who complete the program. 

So far, three Shelter residents are participating.  On the August 4th class session, GrowGood Farm Manager Jayne started the session covering farming methods and philosophies such as Biodynamics and Permaculture, then moved on to topics, including: seed saving and propagating, creating and utilizing 'on farm' organic fertilizers (compost, worm tea, animal manure, etc.), soil biology, native plant propagation, and the wonder of bees. 

GrowGood was also honored to have three guest workshop leaders!

Master Gardeners Don Smith and Lora Hall led the soil and hands-on native plant propagation workshops.  Moreover, Katie Lewis, Bee Keeper and GrowGood volunteer conducted the Bee workshop where residents learned many interesting facts about bees (did you know that bees are responsible for one out of every three or four bites of food we eat?) and built a native bee nest!

Native bee habitat created at the workshop.