A HUGE thank you to LA Works (http://www.laworks.com) for organizing an amazing volunteer day at the Bell Shelter with Northrop Grumman employee volunteers.  These Northrop Grumman volunteers were some of the hardest working volunteers we have ever had - we got so much done! The volunteers were broken up into two groups. One group was tasked with painting an agricultural themed mural inside the Shelter's mess hall. The other group went out to the farm performing a number of important tasks, such as: weeding, mulching, amending garden beds, as well as fixing a section of our irrigation system. Overall, it was a great day!  See the photos below :)

Santiago: Do any of you volunteers want to help fix our irrigation system?
Volunteer: I will - Iā€™m an engineer.
Santiago: Oh cool. What kind of engineer are you?
Volunteer: Well, I build F-35 Fighter Jets.
Santiago: Ok, I think you are qualified.

Pretty cool right?! Shows what you can do in a few hours with some great volunteers.