In October, we cracked a TON... 

...YES! in 10 months, we provided  2,000 LBS OF PRODUCE to the SHELTER'S KITCHEN!

September was also noteworthy because of the record amount of volunteer hours!  Bell Shelter and Wellness Program residents contributed 89 hours of hard and hot work in September. We were also incredibly fortunate to have been on the receiving end of two wonderful volunteer organizations: LA Works and The Community HealthCorps team from the Community Clinic Association of LA County.  

In addition to keeping the chickens happy, the worms wiggling, the plants and trees watered, the shade cloth up or down, the bugs and critters (mostly) at bay, the compost turned, the produce picked, together, we accomplished the following: 

  1. We seeded an assortment of more than 3100 vegetable varieties including beets, turnips, carrots, onions, spinach, kale, chard, to name a few…
  2. We transplanted just over 1600 seedlings.  We also put in a Nopales patch and planted comfrey - an amazing plant for healing degraded soils - in the orchard.
  3. U.S. Veteran, Shelter resident, and carpenter, Juan Valdez, built us a chicken playpen.  Now we can move ‘the girls’ around the farm, providing them with varied goodies like plant matter, yummy bugs, and caterpillars. This way they can enjoy themselves clearing, fertilizing, and aerating the soil for the next round of plants. 
  4. The Topanga Women’s Circle generously donated two wheelchair accessible wooden planter boxes and a much needed wagon. They are wonderful!
  5. Help the Children provided a pallet of concrete pavers, which will soon be the floor of our new post-harvest area.
  6. The Food For Life Workshop Class 2 ended on September 10.  GrowGood and The Salvation Army awarded certificates of completion to two amazing participants who we continue to see out at the farm. Class 3 is underway…
  7. Julia Kleemann, volunteer intern extraordinaire from Cal Poly is back! Julia interned with GrowGoow last spring and has returned to us after several months abroad.